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Lyons, Colorado

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Tucked away in the northern foothills of Colorado’s Rockies, is the small community of Lyons, Colorado. Lyons sits amidst stunning rock outcroppings and beautiful red cliffs right at the confluence of the North and South St. Vrain Rivers. Being at this confluence, Lyons bills itself as the Double Gateway to the Rockies.”

Even though the town is only 1.5 square miles and just over 1500 residents, there’s plenty to do in and around town. Lyons is a great place to visit or to call home. In downtown, you’ll find several restaraunts, coffee shops, antique stores, and even a vintage pinball arcade and museum. Lyons is also home to three beautiful parks, an expanding bike path system, and a whitewater course that runs right through town! Area lodging includes camping in Meadow Park, a motel, cabins, and many bed and breakfast establishments, both in town and up in the mountains. If you’re up for a quick mountain trek out of town, Rocky Mountain National Park is only 25 minutes away. The park’s beauty is unmatched.

Unlike those high mountain peaks, though, Lyons is very temperate year round. Since we’re surrounded by a bowl of sandstone, our temperatures are mild in the summer and warm in the winter, ideal for the outdoor enthusiast. Running and hiking, camping, kayaking, tubing, fly fishing, and rock climbing can all be done within 5 minutes of town. The list of outdoor opportunities is endless. The riding opportunities are endless, too. We ride year round in Lyons.

If road riding is your forte, a vast network of flat, ranchland roads expand to all areas east. Many national and international road professionals train on these roads throughout the winter because of the year round riding season, the beauty, and the variety. The climbers out there will love the hilly, curving route south to Boulder, or the long, 3000’+ climb up to the Peak to Peak highway (itself, one of Colorado’s most scenic roads East of the Divide). For a quick ride around town, the “Fruit Loops” are the perfect option. Mountain bikers have plenty of options, too. Both Rabbit Mountain, Hall Ranch, and Heil Ranch are rideable from town. In addition tons of great riding can be found in neighboring Roosevelt National Forest. It would take a full summer of riding to explore all of the mountain biking opportunities within a thirty minute drive from Lyons!

Lyons is a cycling mecca!

With all of the great things offered here, what are you waiting for? Come to Lyons. Enjoy the beauty, play in the outdoors, ride your bike, and relax. It will be time well spent!