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Frames & Bikes

Ever dreamed of an exquisitely crafted suspension frame, where every tube was shaped for optimized performance as well as elegance, where every bead of every weld was as perfect as the next, with performance and a long standing race pedigree to match? You’ve been dreaming about Intense. Not only does Jeff Steber and crew build bikes that fuel your mountain bike passions, they build bikes that ride telepathically in our Colorado Rockies.

Fantastic bikes with getting out and having fun in mind.  Ride. Explore. Let the adventure begin.

Salsa Cycles

Transition Bikes was born of riders looking for freeride bikes that could “cut it” in the toughest terrain in the Pacific Northwest, not some big brand bike that makes a style and model for everybody and every ride. Kyle and Kevin, the brainchilds behind Transition, huck, jump, and generally beat the crap out of everything they design. “Rider owned for life” goes a long way with this crew.

Ritchey Logic
It doesn’t get more original gangster than Tom Ritchey.  Ritchey was among the original Marin crew with Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, and the WTB crew.  After taking a haitus of frame building for several years, Ritchey is back with beautiful steel mountain, cross, and road bikes

Ritchey Logic