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end of summer update!

Posted by Dave on September 25, 2017


Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve done any blogging! Hows about we start with a summers end wrap up?

The typical start to our “official” summer season is our annual Fat Tire Fest, held every year the weekend before Memorial Day. This year was our 17th annual and it went off without a hitch!  This isn’t a huge fest, or even much of a fest at all.  Rather, it’s a tongue in cheek, lets get some mountain bike peeps together and go on a long hard all day ride in the forest to kick off season of riding in high terrain kind of ride.  We encountered weather of all types, roads and trails of all types and generally had a pretty kickass day in the forest!


Once riding season had commenced, trail work season had also commenced and we were able to open BRAND NEW SINGLETRACK at Heil Ranch!  It took a lot of volunteer hours with Boulder County Open Space for us and other organizations but we completed the 2mile loop within one year.  By Boulder County standards, that’s moving at light speed.

Redstone Cyclery was one of the largest of those contributing volunteer hours.  Our team of volunteers contributed over 100 hours.  We were recognized by Boulder County for it!

And speaking of opening trails, we got to see the reopening of one of our all time favorite trails, Lion Gulch!  Lion Gulch is located about 20 minutes up Hwy 36 from Lyons.  It’s a technical masterpiece of a trail and it leads to other areas in the Roosevelt USFS that we call home.  Unfortunately, Lion Gulch was quite heavily impacted by the legendary 2013 floods and had been closed since that time.  It’s a tight gulch without a lot of room, so the fact that the USFS was able to rebuild this trail in a gulch that had been completely blown out by raging floodwaters is quite a feet.  We are very stoked to have it back. Stop in the shop next time you’re in Lyons to learn more about this awesome trail.  It’s a cause for celebration!

And who can say summer was a great success without a host of above timberline rides?  It’s a big part of what makes Colorado Colorado.  Fortunately, we were able to imbibe on a little of that too.

So there.  Summer is officially wrapped up and it’s time for Fall.  Get ready.  We kick that off with our annual Big Fall Ride, this year on Sunday 10/1. See you at the shop at 730am!

2017 Transition bikes!

Posted by Dave on August 12, 2016

Transition has 2017 bikes in house!  We have a few more 2016 demos left to sell and we’ll have some for you to try.  For now, come on by and check out  our 2016 demo Scouts and Patrols : )

Transition 2017 Line Up!

Spring Service Special!

Posted by Dave on March 22, 2016

Spring tuneup Special time! Did you get out in the sun only to find that your bike needs some Springtime love?

Our special includes a full tuneup, recabled derailleurs, fork service, a full drivetrain clean and 10% off any parts for only $150. Bring your bike in – it will thank you for it!

Posted by Dave on February 10, 2016

This just in! Boulder County is ready to move on the “Heil 2” parcel of Open Space! However, it’s not a great plan. Not surprisingly, pedestrians gThis just This just in! Boulder County is ready to move on the “Heil 2” parcel of Open Space! However, it’s not a great plan. Not surprisingly, pedestrians get lots of trail and bikes are choked onto a single out and back trail. Please, please, please let Boulder County know that they should open all the new trails to all users. From a design point, out and back trails suck – they demand more maintanence from more use and they create user conflict. Please click on the link below, read thru all of the comments and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave comments of your own opinion!!

Guanella Pass/South Park/Burning Bear trail report!

Posted by Dave on July 14, 2015

I am a map nerd. I get maps of areas and go exploring in my imagination within the curves of the topo and the dashes of trail lines. I first saw this ride quite a while ago doing just that and imagining what a great loop it would be. The ride: Up and over Guanella Pass from Georgetown in the Jeep to the Burning Bear CG on the other side. Bike back up Guanella Pass Rd to the top, then hit South Park Trail, Red Cone Jeep Rd, and Burning Bear Trail to make a loop. My dreams were further fueled by some internet friends with reports of awesomeness. I finally had a day to do it. Today.

I’ve gotta say, this ride completely blew away all of my expectations from start to finish. Starting with the beginning of the ride – As it turns out, the road on the south side of the pass is under construction so there’s no where to park legally. That meant parking back up closer to the summit where they weren’t working. Unfortunately, that’d been a long road climb out at the end of the ride. Oh well.

Here’s the start.  Up the road to the mountain center in the far distance.  9:15am

Guanella Pass! 9:51am – not bad, only about 1/2 hour of climbing.  At least I was warmed up.


Down South Park trail just a bit.  The views do not dissapoint.

Long climbs


This is where things started to feel more like a real adventure.  See the trail?  Me neither.  Cairn hunting was the rule for the next coupe of miles.  The cairns would lead up and over the ridge in the foreground.

Up and over the ridge and this was the descent.  See the cairn?  It was like freestyling it straight down a ski slope.  It was sooo steep that I could hear my spokes pinging as the wheel flexed under braking and cornering.

Once into the trees, the steep pitch didn’t let up but the trail got more interesting.  Rooty and fast.  Loved this part.

The bottom.  Looks like I missed camp!

The climb out involved hiking.  Loose rocks, steep trail and deadfall.  Adventure.  #itsnotmountainbikingunlessyourehiking.  right?

Up to right around timberline again.  The trail was super faint.  See it?

This was climbing up Bruno Gulch.  I really loved this part.  It was like Cerain St Vrain on steroids.

Up to timberline again.  This was right about at the end of South Park Trail where it climbs up to Red Cone jeep road.  This is looking back where I had come up from.

And this was the view ahead.  Red Cone was just out of sight on the horizon!  1:52pm

Red Cone.  Was super steep.  Kinda was wanting full suspension for that one!  I was already

Spent a few miles riding down the road.


Finally!  Last trail of the day.  Burning Bear, #601

Burning Bear was really nice.  It was intermittently rideable and hike a bike but probably more rideable in its entirety than anything else I’d been on.  Felt good to pedal but my legs were getting tired.

Burning Bear trail is worth hitting in and of itself.  I really liked.

Thennnnn, I was not liking it so much.  By now, the rain was pouring and thunder and lightning were directly overhead.  This part of the trail was a long and wet hike.

Finally up and over the top of Burning Bear and ready to enjoy my final descent of the day.  Despite the fact that I was chilly and soaked to the bone, my stoke level was high.  Fortunately, almost all of the Burning Bear descent looked like this.  Or chunkier with more roots.  Burning Bear back to Guanella Pass Road reminded me a LOT of Lion Gulch (which I miss dearly!).

Even though I’d been riding all day at or above timberline, this was one of my favorite views of the day.  It was at the very end of Burning Bear and the mist and rain and clouds all came together for a memorable shot.

Now the not so fun part.  I had to ride back up Guanella Pass to the top to get the Jeep!  That turned into a slog.  By that time, it was raining pretty hard and still crashing thunder and lightning.  The road was soft and slow but it felt good to pedal and spin.  It was a welcome change to the grinding and hike a bike from most of the singletrack of the day.

Parting shot.  Made it.  The ride was about 7 hrs 15min door to door – about 6 hours of that was ride time.  Total stats were just shy of 7000′ climbing and 31.1 miles.

South Park did not dissapoint!  I will absolutely be back.

Waldrop Reroute is open!

Posted by Dave on June 27, 2014

The new Waldrop reroute off of the Red Rocks trailhead on Brainard Lake Rd is finally open.  Here’s a short video – check it out!

Hall Ranch Trailwork

Posted by Dave on April 13, 2014


Excited to have dialed in over 200′ of new trail at Hall Ranch today. We’ll be working several Tuesdays this summer as well as Nat’l Trails Day on June 7. Stay tuned if you’d like to help!

PBRH Tshirts are IN!

Posted by Dave on October 17, 2013

You asked for them and we listened.  Redstone Cyclery PBRH shirts are finally back in stock.  Special flood edition says “refugees” on the back, too!  Shirts are $20.  This is our own flood relief fund – we had to do something!   email us if you want one.  We’ll ship, too.  d a v e AT redstonecyclery dot com.  We have ladies sizes S-XL in rose or teal.  Mens sizes S-XXL in navy, brown or black.

Flood. BIG flood

Posted by Dave on September 23, 2013


As many of you know, after a week of rain our North and South St Vrain creeks rose over 20′ and flooded our wonderful town of Lyons, Colorado. Lyons sits at the confluence of the north and south forks. Because of the flooding, 20% if the town was devastated beyond repair.

A major part of the devastation was the loss of all the towns water system and wastewater treatment plant. Until these major infrastructure repairs happen, Lyons has been declared unlivable and the town has been blockaded.

We were fortunate enough that our home was undamaged, as was Redstone Cyclery. As you might guess, we have some major hurdles in front of us. Lack of customers and a bike shop without power, water, and sewer among them.

We will be stronger because of this. Right now we are working remotely… still doing service and times with pickup and delivery and we are still doing special orders as well as wheel and bike builds.

Please keep us in your thoughts if you need anything bike related. And stay tuned. It is going to be a tough next few months, bit we are excited about them. Stay tuned!

Contents Revealed

Posted by Dave on August 6, 2013


As many of you know, my backpack is on the big side. After years of riding backcountry and leading big rides with several people, these are basics that I have in my bag to take care of problems that I or a fellow rider might have.

I just emptied the contents that were in my bag from my last 3 rides before restocking.  Ride 1 was a 38 mile backcountry ride in Winter Park. Rides 2 and 3 were short local rides. Here’s the list…

Items not pictured that generally live in my pack:
100 oz bladder water
Co2 device
Co2 cartridges
Der cable

*Food. Lots of food.
*Zip ties. These are awesome and can be used in a number of creative ways
*Glasses wipe. Gotta keep the lenses clean
*Thermal headband. If it gets cold out, keeping your ears and head warm can go a long way.
*Mini pump. The Topeak Mt Morph is an all time favorite. It’s huge and behaves like a little floor pump.
*Shock pump. Handy for customizing trail setup.
*2 tubes, 26″. A 26″ tube will fit fine in 26, 27.5, and 29er.
*Tire levers
*Patch kit. I’ve run out of tubes before
*9 and 10 sp links. In a pinch, a 9sp link will work on an 8 sp chain.
*Chain lube
*DT swiss ratchets. We’ve actually had a set wear out (very old hub) and a guy actually had a set in his bag. I had some spares, so…
*Headset spacer. Ended up in my pack a long time ago by accident and actually had to use it. I keep one on me now.
*Universal der hanger. This awesome piece will keep you riding and shifting if you have a replaceable der hanger but don’t have your spare.
*Couple of maps. Always have a map of your area
*1st aid kit. Has band aids, aspirin, matches, tape and a whole bunch of other things.
*Can o beer (or 2)
*Coozie. Cause you have to keep your beer cold and protected. Or you never know when you’ll get handed a cold one.
*Road id. Name, phone, etc
*Folding Saw. We’re always cleaning up dead fall
*Mini tool bike tool
*Gerber mini tool. Pliers, knife, etc
*Arm warmers
*Knee warmers
*Stuffable windbreaker
*Waterproof jacket. Cause it rains frequently at elevation with little or no warning
*Bottle of water. Always good to have water but it’s generally for Bella dog
*Dog bowl. Because Bella is one of my best riding buds
*Gates Carbon Drive belt. Even when I’m not on my REEB the odds are likely that a friend is. Always good to have a spare belt.

There you have it. And that’s just for regular rides. For big rides, I’ll toss in a burrito and other extras. I know it seems like a lot but most of the contents listed here get used by me or a riding partner.